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We partner with highly driven logistics professionals, enabling them to realise their dream of controlling their futures and even working towards owning their own profitable and successful business. 

About us

We’ll have your back as you pursue your goal of creating a rewarding professional and entrepreneurial life.

Whether you’re seeking employment opportunities, looking for flexible working, or interested in launching and scaling your own business, we have the experience, networks, and expertise to make your aspirations a reality.

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Managing Director

About Matthew

An experienced forwarding professional and investor, Matthew backs ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs as they develop, grow, and even sell their companies.

Based on his extensive background in the logistics and distribution industry and his success in growing Eshelby Group, Matthew now plays a key role in Carga’s mentoring, funding, and scaling programmes, working closely with our community of forwarding professionals to help them succeed at every stage of their journey towards success.

His ability to plan strategically and lead by example has been crucial to the growth and success of Eshelby Group.